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24 Oct 2014 Into the electric age: : Marion M (Sinclair) Skelton (1883-1970)

Marion M Sinclair arrived in New Zealand from Newcastle Upon Tyne, in 1905.  Her home town had been a centre of innovation in electrical engineering. Marion taught in rural NZ schools until her marriage in 1915 to Marcus Noble Skelton of Paparoa. Life there was very different from that in the city of Marion’s birth.

18 June 2014 Child of Victorian times: Marion Margaret Sinclair (1883-1970)

I am amazed at the changes my grandmother, Marion Margaret Skelton (née Sinclair), must have experienced during her life.  She was born in 1883, the eldest child of James and Fanny Jane Sinclair, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. She died in 1970 near Paparoa where she had lived in New Zealand.

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25 Mar 2014 Auckland Sinclair-Fullertons – in war & peace

Evelyn Fullerton and Isabella Sinclair lived in Auckland with Evelyn’s husband, Dr F. W. Fullerton.  Evelyn and Dr Fullerton’s daughter married Keith Manning and went to live with him in Singapore, where Keith Manning died.  Dr and Mrs Fullerton died in 1953, and Isabella spent her last years living with Gwen Manning in Kerkeri, north of Auckland.

15 March 2014 The Sinclair connections: Tyneside to Auckland

Two of Edward and James Sinclair’s sisters also lived in New Zealand (mainly in Auckland) for over 40 years.  They were Isabella Sinclair (1875-1965) and Evelyn Fullerton (née Sinclair, 1879-1953). Evelyn married Dr F. W. Fullerton in Cullercoats, 1899 and had a daughter, Gwendoline Eveline Fullerton.

28 Jan 2013 Auckland, Burns and A’ That

My Scottish born grandparents – John Barr (1887-1971) and Jessie Barr (née MacPherson 1889-1979)–  immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand.  They remained enthusiastic about the heritage and culture of Scotland and Auckland. Robert Burns had particular significance for John Barr.

13 Dec 2013 George Dodds (1810-1888): walking the talk

My great great great grandfather was a prominent temperance campaigner and campaigner for the poor and workers in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the north of England.  He started work at 10 years old, and, towards the end of his life became Mayor of Tynemouth.

6 Dec 2013: A life too short: Fanny Jane Brignal 1863-1888

My great grandmother, Fanny Jane Brignal (wife of James Sinclair), like many women in the 19th Century had a short life, dying in child birth.  Nevertheless, she played a very important role in giving life to 4 children, 2 of whom migrated to New Zealand.

28 Nov 2013: Edge of Tyne: border crossings in the industrial age

An outline of the context into which  my great grandfather and my grandmother were born and raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne. During the late 19th and early 20th Centuries industrialisation intensifies. Tyneside was a significant driver of Britain’s industry and commerce.

5 Nov 2013: Matakana Mystery Man: James Sinclair’s (incomplete) story

My great grandfather, James Sinclair’s story (1861-1927):  From his birth in Newcastle Upon Tyne to living in Matakana, New Zealand early 20th Century, with his younger brother Stephen Edward Sinclair. James death in Auckland.

21 Oct 2013: Family history & changing times

Overview of my family history indicating the various lines to(Paparoa, Matakana, Auckland) New Zealand from Enniskillen, Ireland; Scotland; Newcastle Upon Tyne.

23 Aug 2013: Welcome